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How to Choose the Right Office Shredder Machine

Choosing a paper shredder machine or other office appliance should a simple decision made with the right information. Don’t risk buying a shredder on a whim and paying twice because a poor quality shredder was bought. Most new buyers, however, tend not to have much experience with shredding, and this can lead to complications.

It looks simple enough: find a low budget shredding machine, make the purchase and start shredding. But it’s not as straightforward as all that. There are a number of factors to consider and certain shredding machines which will work better for your office, based on your specific needs.

Know your options. Which features suit your shredding needs, and know what will work best for you, ahead of time.

Here are eight great tips for finding the perfect paper shredder for your office:

  1. Paper Size

Starts with paper size.

You need an idea of what sized paper you’ll be shredding most often. Most offices use a shredder that takes letter-sized or A4 sheets of paper, to dispose of private information.

Sometimes, however, you’ll need more. Certain documents are printed out on extra wide paper sheets. Folding one or two of these in half before you shred them might not be a problem. But, when the piles of these get to be in the twenties, the awkward size will be an issue.

Do an assessment of the paper sizes you’ll be shredding. You may be able to save money on a smaller shredder, but the extra work of processing overly-large paper may not be worth it.

2) Load Size

Hand in hand with the question of paper size is the issue of load size.

If you’re shredding small reams of paper, a simple, narrow shredder input will do just fine. You don’t need much if you’re destroying less than twenty sheets in a month.

But it’s important, to be honest about how much you’ll be shredding. Anything more than just a few sheets of paper and you’ll want a shredder machine that can handle a mid-sized load. Make sure to do your research well in advance, and get a shredder that’s up to the task.

A good rule of thumb goes:

  • Personal shredders for single users
  • Small shredders for up-to-five users
  • General office shredders, next up, work for up to ten people
  • For more than ten users, consider a commercial shredder

3) Shred Cut Type

When choosing between paper shredders, one of the distinguishing factors to consider is cut type.

If you thought these machines simply sliced your documents into straight vertical lines, you’d be very wrong. Strip-cut machines create long, straight cuts. Crosscuts add confidentiality to your shredding by chopping strips into smaller chunks.

Micro cuts take the cross-cut concept and improve on it, cutting paper into much smaller pieces. Pushing the envelope of this idea to the limit, we find high-security shredding, which reduces the paper to particles instead of chunks.

4) Shredder Speed

Paper shredders are security and convenience items. They’re meant to save you time and effort, at home or in the office. And a large part of that convenience boils down to speed.

Most modern shredders feature a specific runtime, meaning they can operate constantly for up to a preordained time. After this, they need to cool down in order for the machinery to maintain its operational condition.

These cycles range from two minutes to more than an hour, depending on the make and size of the shredder machine. Make sure to research yours beforehand, so you aren’t unpleasantly surprised.

5) Noise Levels

Paper shredders are inherently noisy. There’s no getting around it – these are boxes full of moving parts whose only job is to slice and tear apart small bundles of paper. Whatever brand you get is going to make a certain amount of noise.

If you’re willing to invest some more money, you stand a good chance of finding a noise-controlled unit. There are some high-end shredders that boast silent work, and you might get earnestly close to just that.

6) Security Levels

Safety features can be an important factor in choosing a paper shredder. If you have young children who might be at risk around an unattended shredder, a little security can make all the difference.

Safety guards are standard in shredders of most types and help to keep fingers out of any danger zones. More expensive shredders may use laser sensors to detect fingers, stopping the blades before they can do any damage.

7) Advanced Features

Of course, just because you’re buying a paper shredder doesn’t mean you have to buy only a paper shredder. Many of these units feature a variety of advanced features to add to and improve your shredding experience. Some of these include:

  • credit card shredding, for plastics, paper clips, and heavy card
  • anti-jam technology to keep the feed tray clear
  • pull-out bins, which are actually fairly common

8) Power Saving

Office appliances take a lot of energy to run, especially in large numbers. For many people, deciding to buy a paper shredder comes down to how much power they’re likely to use.

80% of the energy from using a paper shredder comes while it is in use. For better energy consumption, look into a shredder that priorities energy savings while it is in use and while it is out.

Choosing A Shredder Machine: Now You’re Ready

Paper shredders aren’t the kind of machine most people buy more than once or twice in a lifetime. With this in mind, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed, or like you’re not putting enough thought into your purchase.

Hopefully, this handy list of eight tips for choosing the right paper shredder for your office will give you all the insights you need. Alternatively, contact AZ Trading, we will gladly take you through the ins and outs of shredding and office document security.

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