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AZ Trading adjusting to the New Normal with a New Look & Mobile Shredder Units!

AZ Trading adjusting to the New Normal with a New Look & Mobile Shredder Units! The unexpected pandemic brought in a new panic with overwhelming questions. Questions that could drive one to insanity, until the mind frame is adjusted and one shift into a solution-focused mindset where creativity becomes the order of the day… “Improvise, […]

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Sections Of The POPIA Act Commenced

Sections of The Protection Of Personal Information Act Commenced The protection of personal information act, no 4 of 2013 promotes the Protection Of Personal Information by public and private bodies. The information regulator is, among others, empowered to monitor and enforce compliance by public and private bodies with the provisions of the promotion of access […]

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Roll Lamintor

Roll Laminating

Is Roll Laminating the best solution for you? In this article I will share insights into the pros and cons of choosing this choice of type of laminating solution. With all lamination solutions, Laminating documents not only offers protection and durability it also enhances the visual appeal. Price Roll laminating film is one of the […]

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You’re breaking the law if you don’t shred it!

POPIA – Are you ready? – The Small Business Site Article provided by AZ Trading South Africa is aligning to international standards of privacy and POPIA is becoming legally effective in 2020, an Act that promotes transparency around how information is collected and handled, this openness is likely to increase customer confidence in an organisation.

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AZ Trading Theo Denton

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Protect Your Essential Documents With Laminating Equipment

Protect Your Essential Documents With Laminating Equipment Paper based documents undergo various chemical changes when exposed to the environment. Even if you keep documents and photos inside a closed drawers, filing cabinets or storage rooms, you cannot ensure that the documents will remain in the same condition over extended periods of time. Hence, you need […]

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How to Choose the Right Office Shredder Machine

Choosing a paper shredder machine or other office appliance should a simple decision made with the right information. Don’t risk buying a shredder on a whim and paying twice because a poor quality shredder was bought. Most new buyers, however, tend not to have much experience with shredding, and this can lead to complications. It […]

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5 Tips on Handling Confidential Information in Your Business

When handling confidential information in your business, whether it’s relating to your customers or employees, you have a duty to take the necessary steps to protect it. Failure to ensure that data is properly protected and in accordance with the law can lead to costly legal action as well as damage to your business’s reputation […]

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DSB CW4500 Binder

Various Types Of Binding Machines Available In The Market

Various Types Of Binding Machines Available In The Market Making a buying decision is always difficult, even when it comes to office equipment and supplies. The buying decision for binding machines is no different. However, you can simplify the process by considering the various types of binding machines available in the market and comparing them […]

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AZ Trading Podcast

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