AZ Trading adjusting to the New Normal with a New Look & Mobile Shredder Units!

The unexpected pandemic brought in a new panic with overwhelming questions.

Questions that could drive one to insanity, until the mind frame is adjusted and one shift into a solution-focused mindset where creativity becomes the order of the day…

“Improvise, Adapt, Overcome”

AZ trading used these inspirational words to change and bring you added service and support in the new reality that we find ourselves in South Africa and around the globe, post and during Covid19.

As remote working becomes the new norm, AZ trading is stepping up to help you adjust and achieve success by releasing a whole fleet of newly branded mobile shredding vans.

We now are making it even easier to assist you in adhering to COVID19 restrictions, POPIA (protection of personal information act) and preventing security breaches, without leaving your office or house!

We will now come to you with a whole shredding unit! (Confidentiality laws relating to POPIA are still being implemented and penalties are being served on top of all the Corona Mania! Don’t get caught out!)

AZ Trading will assist you in effectively managing the destruction of your confidential information safely and securely through various solutions on-site or off-site services to suit your budgetary requirements.

For as little as R7.50 per KG for offsite shredding or rental starting price of R500 a day for onsite shredding. AZ also supplies a range of shredders for sale to meet an array of budgets, ensuring POPIA compliance requirements on an ongoing basis.  Get in touch today.