National Business Awards

AZ Trading have been nominated for the fastest growing company in the industry, for the National Business Awards 16th Annual Awards. This is considered the Oscars of South African Business, which makes it very special to have made it through as a finalist in this category. With our team coming together and working towards one goal we are able to streamline all processes giving better customer experience and a proactive team.

On top of this our own Theo Denton (Marketing Manager/ Cape Town Branch Manager) is a finalist in the Top Young Executive of the Year 2018 Award Category. His determination and focus has pushed the products and brands in the office machines industry to help our sales team grow. With the extra awareness we are able to grow the company year on year. Giving the team something to be proud of and know that it might be one person nominated but it is a team effort putting us up there.

We are looking forward to the event were we could walk away with both awards. Which ever way the awards go we are proud to be the first in our industry to make it to the finals in two categories for the National Business Awards.

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